Customer Service Is A Thing Of The Past

Customer service is a thing of the past when major corporations are involved. I am so tired of hearing expressions like: “That is not our policy” or the ever endearing, “I’m not authorized to do that”. The problem I had today concerned a furnace control purchased from “Lennox Industries”. The part is two weeks old and has already failed. The customer service rep. says I have to purchase another part and then submit a warranty claim to get reimbursed my money. I also have to pay shipping again. If I want to get fully warranted I have to submit a form, wait for authorization to return, wait till the part is deemed defective and then wait for the new part to be shipped. After two to three weeks if the new part is not also defective the customer who has been without air conditioning the whole time will finally be back working. Buyer Beware! Lennox furnaces and air conditioners are no longer a sustainable product as they are made with Chinese parts and the company doesn’t care if you are without or not unless you want to throw good money after bad. In the “Four States” area this brand is not recommended because of the lack of availability of parts in the area.

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