• We have a complete menu of installation options including: custom homes, replacement equipment and rework in older homes.
  • Each system will be custom designed and engineered for maximum efficiency and comfort for you.

Service Contracts

  • We offer annual seasonal maintenance at a reduced charge. Customers who have their equipment checked twice a year experience less than 2% failure in season. If we have to return for a repair the service call is waived and you only pay for the repair.


  • We’ve got years of experience to help you determine how to tackle all of your heating concerns. We work on everything that’s out there.


  1. Heat pumps, both air to air and ground source
  2. Furnaces: natural gas and propane
  3. Space heaters including: console, wall, floor, vented and unvented
  4. Electric furnaces 
  5. Boilers. 

Rest assured that we have the knowledge to service even the toughest units.

  •  Homes in the Four States area have two types of Heating and Cooling systems.
  • Central Heating and Cooling comes in all electric and a mixture of gas and electric.
  • The all electric version is the most economical. Heat pumps work year round to keep you comfortable.
  • A modern heat pump will save you 40% and up on your Heating and Cooling bill.
  • Gas Heat and conventional Air Conditioning is a good option and affords more comfort in the winter because more heat is produced with gas.
  • Gas Heat does cost a little more to operate.

Indoor Air Quality

  1. Air filtration: The higher filtration will remove particulate as small as one micron. We offer electronic air cleaners, All types of air filters including; one through four inch media.
  2. UV lights help remove germs and microscopic airborne pests that hinder breathing for those suffering from asthma and allergies
  3. Humidifiers add moisture in the winter months when our furnaces dry the air. This helps reduce static electricity and dry sinuses for a healthier environment.
  4. Ventilation systems are available for newer homes that are built so tight that air infiltration is minimal. This means that the same air is constantly recycled and any airborne germs and particulate is recirculated.

Duct work

  1. Proper ducting makes you more comfortable and your equipment more efficient.
  2. Improper sizing will reduce the efficiency of your new equipment.
  3. The current standard is 14 seer for heat pumps and 13 seer for air conditioners.
  4. Most homes with existing equipment were designed for 10 seer equipment.


  1. Thermostats can save energy by controlling the demand for comfort. Set back thermostats allow you to save energy when you are away from home or at night when you are sleeping.
  2. Zoning can save you money, and increase your system’s performance by allowing your equipment to run longer in areas needing more air processing or less in areas that need less. You will have a home with even heat and cooling through out as a result.


  1. A 10% refrigerant undercharge will reduce a 13 seer AC to an 11 seer!
  2. A 15% return air leak in an 120 degree attic will about double operating costs!
  3. Installing a new high efficiency condenser to an old evaporator coil,(A-Coil), will decrease the seer rating by 30% or more.
  4. 80% of compressor failures are due to lack of maintenance.
  5. Small problems left unattended, cause major problems.

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